Prana Vayu in Russia Coaching Camp! (huge discounts, rad tunnel) @ FlyStation St. Petersburg, Saint Petersburg [с 8 по 18 апреля]

Prana Vayu in Russia Coaching Camp! (huge discounts, rad tunnel)

8 - 18
19:40 - 05:15

 Страница мероприятия
FlyStation St. Petersburg
Toksovskoe shosse, 7th km, Санкт-Петербург, 188663
Picture this… 11 hours of coached tunnel time with US National Dynamic Team Prana Vayu in St Petersburg Russia for an estimated $7375, including everything… airline flight, accommodations, tunnel time, coaching. So good.

*** ALL LEVELS, All Body Positions & Flying Styles ***

If you've been wanting to take your flying to the next level, this is the opportunity you've been waiting for! Tunnel time at Flystation St. Petersburg is less than half the price of time in the USA, and we're discounting our coaching too… 37% off.

Not to be taken lightly, we get these discounts for flying 11 hours per person, and we'll be sharing a training regimen with all attendees to prepare for 75min/day of flying. Don't worry, we'll also fly a blend of body positions and wind speeds to help prevent fatigue.

Cost Breakdown:
* Buy 10 hours, get 11th hour free, resulting in $372-417 per hour, depending on time of night/day
* Coaching at $150/hr (instead of the standard $240)
* Accommodations — we're planning to rent a big house, about $25 per person per night
* Food — you'll find many restaurants nearby, and we'll make smoothies regularly
* Airline Flights roundtrip — as low as PDX $759, SFO $768, SEA $808 (all found on
* $300 gets you a multiple-entry Visa in and out of Russia for 3 years

How to sign up:
* Message Jeff Dimock, Timmy Hunckler or Dave Retzlaff
* Ask us any questions you have
* Tell us how committed you are to the camp
* When you're 100% in, you'll specify who you'd like to work with (All with one coach? Mostly one coach, some with others? Spread evenly?)
* We'll coordinate your invoices with the wind tunnel and the team, then arrange payment
* We'll help with the Visa process, invite from the tunnel and appropriate paperwork
* Buy your flights, and start getting excited!!!
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